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Build An App for your Small Business.
Bergwind software allows businesses to build powerful native applications for smartphones and tablets, with no coding skills required. Increase brand loyalty, understand customer buying behaviour, send instant messages and grow profit margins.
CHF 199.- / month
Sign up for a free month’s trial.
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We provide your license and take care of the AppStore submission and review process.
Our templates and drag & drop functionality means you can build your App in an afternoon.
Built-in sales tools include messaging, analytics, shopping carts and table bookings.
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An App can allow small businesses to attract new customers and sell more to their existing ones. Include: push-notifications, product catalogs, coupons, company profile, location, branding.
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Restaurants can improve their table-turnover on slow days with a cleverly designed App. Inform your customers of offers and discounts. Include: reservation-system, mobile-ordering, coupons, menus, location.
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Whether you’re a photographer, a musician or any other type of artist, an App is an important aspect of your public persona. Include: artist profile, gallery, music and video playlists, contact information, feedback system.
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If you’re organising an event or multiple events, Apps are ideal for sharing vital information with people on the move. Include: Speaker profiles, agenda and calendars, map, sponsors.
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Non-profits and ideologically-motivated organisations can use Apps to spread information about their cause and get feedback from their members. Include: Social media integration, donations, involvement information.
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Send Push Notifications to your customers, informing them of your latest offer, or just to say ‘hi’.
Enter your message and hit send - it’s as easy as that. Or plan your messages to send at a specific date in the future, as part of a wider marketing strategy, and they’ll appear even if your customers are offline. That’s what we call effective communication.
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Track downloads and analyse what your customers are looking at so you can close the sale.
With our software you’ll be able to see just how many people are downloading your App, and where from. You’ll have access to breakdowns of what people are looking at and for how long, giving you the perfect data to analyse your services or products, tailoring to maximise efficiency and output.
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Install our beautifully designed templates so you can get the most out of your App in no time at all.
Building on years of native application design, we have included a series of industry-specific templates so that you can quickly bring your application to market. Simply change the text and pictures in the template of your choosing and you're ready to go. Building an application can really be as easy as that. For the more creative, we've opened our system up to allow you to design from a blank canvas.
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Use the built-in Sales Tools to help drive customers to your business.
Allow your customers to leave feedback or book a table at your restaurant or café. Use the shopping cart functionality to make direct sales through your App. Bergwind Apps are built specifically to help SMEs to grow their profit margins.
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Power Like No Other.
Bergwind is the most powerful and effective application builder on the market today. From drop shadows to image parallax, we allow you to tweak every single aspect of your App. Bergwind is both easy enough for small business owners and powerful enough for seasoned designers.
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Untap those tapped markets.
Most of your prospective customers use a smartphone or tablet, but if you’re like most businesses, you’re probably not able to access them. Long development times and high costs of applications means many forgo the benefits of a mobile strategy, leaving their customers underserved and untapped. With Bergwind you’ll be up and running fast, giving you an edge over your competition in a lucrative market
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Use Bergwind Beta to test your App before launch.
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Keep your customers up to date with offers, events and information.
Learn your customers needs and habits through our easy-to-read data.
Quickly build your App using our sector-specific templates. 
Business Tools
Increase sales with shopping carts and our feedback system. 
Want to sell your App? You set the price and we’ll make it happen.
Social Media
Integrate with your existing social media family.
Market Access
Expand access to the mobile and tablet market.
Tweak or build your App from scratch using our easy to use tools. 
Live Testing
Make sure your App is ready for market with our Beta App.
App Submission
We submit your App on your behalf and navigate the review process.
Your subscription includes an AppStore Developer License. 
Improve your branding and PR with a well-designed App. 
QR Codes
We provide you with QR Code Stickers to help promote your App.
Professional Icons
We’ll design an icon for your App, making sure it will look great right from the start.
App Webpage
We create a unique App landing page to help promote your App. 
Bergwind Apps use native code meaning increased speed and stability.
Ongoing Updates
As technology progresses, we’ll make sure your App stays up-to-date with free updates.
Telephone and email support are included in your subscription.
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